Bead Crochet Rope Necklace - Baby Blue Mosaic

Bead crochet work is one of my favorite techniques and this necklace is one of my top ten.The pattern on this piece is randomly formed, going from baby blue to white, so it's a one of a kind piece. I used five different tones of baby blue beads, trying to give it a mosaic aspect.

Can be worn in different occasions and it will look great even with a white t shirt and jeans.

It is made in 6-round tubular crochet with size 11/0 Czech seed beads. This beaded crochet rope has metal clasps, it is made with only seed beads and 100% polyester thread.

This is a necklace or beaded crochet rope, measuring around 18.5 inches ( 44cm ) .

This is a one of a kind piece and the result of many hours of work.

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